Tuesday April 29, 2014   10:00 PM
Frank Velardo & Ansel Barnum Blues Duo - FREE LIVE MUSIC

Frank Velardo (guitar) and Ansel Barnum (harmonica) play together in swingin' blues outfit No Good Sister, fronted by three ladies singing gorgeous three part harmony.  But every last Tuesday of the month, it's just the two of them entertaining you for free at Jose's

Tuesday April 29, 2014   10:00 PM
Writer's Night in America

Every last Wednesday of the month, a group of writers gather to read recent works over cold drinks.  Come meet local wordsmiths and bring your own big ideas. 

4-6 p.m

$2.50 PBR, Miller Light
and Yuengling Lager.

$15 Margarita pitchers

$4.50 Craft Beer Cans